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  • Break the Chains of Smoking is packed with valuable insights about smoking and helpful tips for quitting.
  • Todd Goodwin is a top hypnotist with the qualifications and experience to help you quit smoking.
  • Many doctors and other health practitioners endorse Break the Chains of Smoking and Todd's work.
  • Todd provides the 3 necessary components to quit smoking: Education, inspiration, and transformation.
  • The offer on this page establishes a solid foundation as you prepare to successfully quit smoking for good.
  • The DELUXE package offers a lot more than the BASIC bundle (for a few dollars more): the book, the stress reduction hypnosis audio, the 80-minute video interview, and several bonus audios and PDFs.
  • With our 30-day money back guarantee, there is absolutely NO RISK to purchasing this educational program.
  • Complete this material to be eligible for the Break the Chains of Smoking 30-day online hypnosis system.
  • NOTE: If you want to start with something FREE, check out First Step to Freedom below.
Here's a brief summary of this page:
Did you realize that you can quit smoking without:  

  • Relying on willpower or medications that don't work?
  • Nicotine cravings or painful withdrawal symptoms?
  • Constant struggle, increased stress, or weight gain?  

If you're skeptical, then get ready to expand your mind. This eye-opening book reveals the essential knowledge that you need to stop smoking, including:  

  • False beliefs that cause you to stay addicted.
  • Common relationship dynamics that can sabotage you.
  • Hidden pitfalls that ruin most smoking cessation attempts.
  • How a smoker's psychological makeup supports the habit.
  • Nutritional recommendations that make quitting much easier.
  • A proven mind-body action plan to stop smoking for good.

Todd Goodwin's groundbreaking book challenges the limitations of mainstream medicine, it exposes and debunks harmful misconceptions about quitting smoking, it explores factors that determine success or failure (such as mindset, relationships, emotional stress, self-worth, nutrition, and alcohol), it provides useful recommendations for preventing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and much more.

From the Publisher:

As a veteran hypnotist, Todd Goodwin has seen what works and what doesn’t work. In Break the Chains of Smoking, you will discover powerful insights, both compelling and controversial, that are distilled from his years of direct work with clients and are supported by clinical research. Filled with unconventional wisdom, this clear and concise book strongly questions the outdated, biochemical view of nicotine addiction and smoking cessation that has largely failed smokers for decades. Todd Goodwin’s candid and bold exploration of the mentality of the smoker and the mind-body nature of the smoking habit is a must-read and listen for anyone who is serious about quitting and wants an advocate who is both tough and supportive.
This book is REALLY a how-to guide
Todd Goodwin is in rare company as a Board Certified Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists, since only one in 500 hypnotists have earned that designation. He is a certified master practitioner of NLP and a member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. Todd has studied human behavior since 1995, earning a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons University in Boston. Since opening Goodwin Hypnosis in 2007, Todd has helped thousands of clients to resolve a wide range of challenges, including stress, anxiety, trauma, smoking, and other unwanted habits.

          Todd has given numerous presentations on these topics to physicians and medical staff at Baptist Health and Jackson Health System's teaching hospitals, as well as to medical students at the University of Miami. He has held workshops at Canyon Ranch, the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association, and Miami-Dade County's health and fire departments. Todd has also been interviewed and featured by various media outlets, including the Miami Herald, Telemundo, and local radio programs.

          Currently, Todd sees private clients primarily for the rapid resolution of emotional trauma and its emotional and behavioral consequences. His strategy is to identify and resolve the underlying causes of these personal issues, instead of merely treating their symptoms. His mission is to help people “wake up” and develop a greater awareness of the relationship between their mind, body, health, and life experiences, so they can think, feel, and do better. Todd lives with his wife, Gina Goodwin, a board certified hypnotist and expert in smoking cessation and trauma resolution.

          Todd has helped hundreds of people to quit smoking through private, one-on-one hypnosis programs. He has compiled the best of his accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and client experiences into this book so you can learn much more quickly and affordably than any of his past clients.
Who is Todd Goodwin?
Todd Goodwin, M.S. BCH, FNGH
Board Certified Hypnotist and Author
Fellow, National Guild of Hypnotists
Master Practitioner of NLP
Judi Woolger, MD, FACP
Board Certified Internist and Chief Medical Officer, The Agatson Center
"Break the Chains of Smoking is an informative, powerful, kick-in-the-pants kind of book that will help smokers get out of their physical and emotional prison. Todd Goodwin has tremendous depth of knowledge in this area, and shows us the emotional traps that keep people stuck, as well as how to escape those traps. His book is full of wisdom, humor, and reminds the reader that they hold the power to their success. A must read for someone who is ready to stop smoking."
Doctors recommend
Break the Chains of Smoking
William D. Horton, PsyD, MCAP
Psychologist, world’s top NLP & hypnosis trainer, and author of The Alcohol and Addiction Solution and Neuro-Plasticity and Addictions: New Pathways for Recovery
"Todd Goodwin, in his new book, Break The Chains Of Smoking, has written a clear, concise method to help people break this deadly habit. From attitude to action, he shows the light of hope. He also gives the obstacles that stop most people. He also give tips, research and client testimonials to inspire and give more power to the change. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to change this behavior. The only problem I have with this book is I didn't write it."
Eva Ritvo, MD
Psychiatrist, author, and founder, Bekindr Global Initiative
  "I am delighted to see that hypnotist Todd Goodwin has put his ideas and experiences into a book. Smoking is a powerful addiction and so difficult to break for too many people. He provides an overview of the disease and a well thought out plan on how to help you recover. This book is a must read for anyone suffering from smoking addiction or wanting to understand more about the disease and its treatment."
Sandra L. Doman, DC
Chiropractor and founder, Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center
"Break the Chains of Smoking is inspiration in a book. Smokers who are truly ready to quit and have failed in all other attempts will finally get the breath of fresh air they are looking for. Todd understands why people end up feeling like a slave to cigarettes and gives them a clear path to freedom."
"Break the Chains of Smoking cuts to the chase and gives clear instructions and support on how to finally break the habit.  By exploring the true mind-body connection and the realization that smoking is primarily an emotionally compulsive habit, Todd explains how to get to the root of the problem. Todd gives you to the option to add another tool to your toolbox with the support of his online hypnosis system.  If you want success in this journey, I highly recommend this book."
Jane A. Kaufman, L.Ac
Board Certified Acupuncture Physician,
Kaufman Wellness
Kamran Khan,
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Homeopathic Diplomat
"I read Break the Chains of Smoking with great interest and found, not only did it benefit my approach in assisting my own patients, but also discovered some facts about any addiction or habitual practice. Todd writes with a profound ability to engage the reader and leaves one with a desire to improve in whatever may be creating an addictive habit. In essence, I found the writing to be an approach for resolving the root cause of any person’s need to use smoking for easing one’s suffering, and with compassion observe the healing that may be required so smoking is no longer a self-sabotaging practice. With humor and kindness, as well as clear facts, Todd will guide anyone to become a better person and liberate themselves of the subconscious suffering by his proven methods of successful practice. I highly recommend this wise writing for anyone and everyone, not just for quitting smoking, but any habit that binds us. With great appreciation and respect, I thank you Todd for helping me on my own path."
Galit S. Zarco,
Registered Dietitian, holistic nutritionist, and owner, Eat Live Nutrition
"I can confidently say that Break the Chains of Smoking is a clear and direct guide for reprogramming the mind and successfully breaking the terrible habit of smoking through the process of hypnosis. This book provides an easy understanding of how one may perceive the addiction and why it’s useful to apply the effective remedy of hypnotherapy. It’s a mind-opening read and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with smoking or for anyone with loved ones who just can’t quit."
"Todd Goodwin has hit the nail on the head, as it is the mind and its beliefs that need to be dehypnotized and heal. Unless that is done, other methods are futile. He has developed a whole program to help the mind heal its old beliefs."
Kirby R. Hotchner, DO
Osteopathic Physician, practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine, and founder, The Wholeness Center
If you want to maximize your likelihood of success, it's critical to lay a proper foundation within the conscious mind, no matter how eager you may be right now to reprogram your subconscious mind with hypnosis.

Effective and lasting personal change relies on THREE components – Education, inspiration, and transformation.

Awareness of self and others is essential to understanding why and how we think, feel, and act the way we do. Sadly, most behavioral change methods fail to arm individuals with enough useful information, leaving people at a disadvantage as they attempt to improve their lives. The right type of knowledge or education can lead to clarity, self-confidence, and conviction, which is the first step. That being said, even excellent conscious-level knowledge is not sufficient on its own, since smoking and quitting are primarily subconsciously-driven behaviors. That's where the next two components come in.

Inspiration is an emotional or spiritual phenomenon arising from the subconscious that can stimulate decisive action. When you see or hear examples of successful people, including through our client testimonials and case examples, your internal motivation can increase, along with your belief that you are capable of achieving your goal.

The third component is transformation, which is the most powerful part and the one lacking in most interventions. Transformation is the subconscious relearning that facilitates emotional and behavioral shifts, such as quitting smoking. It makes issues like willpower, constant reminders, cravings, and "triggers" irrelevant, since the change becomes automatic without conscious effort or awareness.

We aim to succeed in all three areas – where most approaches fall short (including by many other hypnotists). This educational package focuses on empowering you through education and inspiration, while Todd's 30-day hypnosis system focuses on transformation.
Want to get the best results possible?
The first step is greater self-awareness.
Here's your preparation toolbox:
Our DELUXE package will help you fully prepare to quit smoking with the following educational materials:

1. Break the Chains of Smoking is packed with 62 pages of valuable knowledge, so it takes most people a few hours to complete. The audio version is 2.5 hours. We recommend reading the book AND then listening to the audiobook to maximize learning.

2. More Success & Less Stress is a 24-minute relaxation hypnosis audio that will help you reduce stress and adopt a relaxed attitude about quitting smoking (or any goal). Listen to it daily for at least a week for best results.

3. Gina's full 80-minute video interview with Todd addresses 15 topics from the book and another not covered in the book. (You've already seen a quick video with short clips from this interview.) Some people learn best by reading, some by listening, and others by watching videos. Watch this video before you read or hear the book to gain a more thorough understanding of the book's content.

4. How and Why We Self-Sabotage is a 43-minute radio interview with Todd that provides an in-depth exploration of the mind’s internal conflict ("I know I SHOULD quit smoking, BUT..."), goal setting, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

5. Three episodes of Wake Up Calls (audio and transcript) in which Todd and Gina discuss topics that are relevant to your goal to become smoke-free. What if your bad habit is actually good for you? considers the hidden benefits of any unwanted habit. Willpower doesn't work! reveals the shortcomings of using willpower for habit change. If you ignore your past traumas, they will haunt you. explores how unresolved emotional issues (especially trauma) can make it harder to break compulsive habits.

The DELUXE package includes everything mentioned above and is the more comprehensive option. The BASIC bundle includes just the book (PDF and audio) and relaxation hypnosis audio, but NOT the additional 3 hours of audio, video, and transcribed content.

NOTE: The extra content offered in the DELUXE package will NOT be available separately, so now is the time to get it.
We do our best to set our clients up for success, and we're confident that you will really benefit from this material.

That's why we provide a full, 30-day money back guarantee, meaning there is ZERO RISK for you.

Your only risk is not taking action, so act now. You have nothing to lose but your relationship with smoking.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Select ONE of the following options:
Are you ready to free yourself?
It's time to Break the Chains of Smoking!
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First Step to Freedom
This introductory bundle teaches you the very basics. "Getting Out of Your Own Way" (transcript) explores the mind’s internal debate when setting health-related goals ("I know I should quit smoking, BUT..."). "Why Unlearning is More Important Than Learning" (audio and transcript) explores the real causes of emotional and behavioral challenges and how to unlearn those problems. "The 7 Keys to Achieving Your Goals NOW" outlines how to achieve your goals and what you missed in the past that caused you to struggle. This bundle contains 30-45 minutes of audio and text content.
Product image
BASIC bundle
The book, "Break the Chains of Smoking," as PDF and audiobook + "More Success & Less Stress," a relaxation hypnosis audio.
Product image
DELUXE package
Includes everything in the BASIC bundle, plus 3 HOURS of bonus materials: The full video interview with Todd and Gina, PLUS “How and Why We Self-Sabotage,” PLUS "What if your bad habit is actually good for you?" PLUS "Willpower doesn't work!" PLUS "If you ignore your past traumas, they will haunt you."
Once you have fully absorbed the conscious-level knowledge in Break the Chains of Smoking and the related materials, you will be prepared to take action and quit smoking. Todd's one-of-a-kind, 30-day online system (NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE) is a guided program designed to free you subconsciously from the emotionally compulsive habit of smoking. He developed this program over several years using a method that helped his clients at Goodwin Hypnosis to quit smoking naturally and often easily. In recent years, those clients paid Todd or Gina $1,777 for one-on-one help. For a small fraction of that price, the digital program offers an even more robust protocol. It shares proven techniques to reduce stress, clear unwanted thoughts, focus your mind, and break your emotional dependency, all of which are essential steps as you approach your quit day. In addition, five advanced hypnosis audios will help you to change how you think about yourself and smoking at the subconscious level. These audios are released according to a preset schedule and provide the powerful hypnotic messaging that give this program such a high success rate.

TO BE CLEAR...we're NOT going to offer you that program until you have fully prepared yourself to quit smoking. After all, if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. So the next step in your preparation is to select either DELUXE or BASIC above. Several days later, after you have had enough time to fully read, listen to, and watch everything, we will invite you to sign up for the 30-day hypnosis system.
Looking ahead to the 30-day online hypnosis system...
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