Don't Even THINK About Quitting Smoking
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The truth is...What you don't know CAN hurt you.
Here are some of the key points from the above video, explored in detail in the book, Break the Chains of Smoking:

  • The mindset of "hoping" and "trying" to quit actually weakens you and increases the odds of failure.
  • You may believe that smoking is ONLY bad for you, but you maintain addictive behaviors ONLY if they help you somehow.
  • There is NO SUCH THING as a "need" for nicotine or cigarettes. That's an illusion caused by limiting beliefs and fear.
  • A smoker's mindset is filled with constant internal debate: "I know I should quit smoking, BUT...[insert excuse here]."
  • Contrary to mainstream medical advice, smoking more cigarettes does NOT necessarily make it harder to quit.
  • Toxic relationship patterns, however, DO make it harder, so you must understand them before preparing to quit.
  • People with low self-worth are more likely to find abusive or controlling relationships, whether with a partner or cigarettes.
  • Addictions get their power from the need to distract from stress, whether caused by past trauma or present challenges.
  • The more one smokes, the less stress he or she can handle without smoking. THAT'S the emotional dependency.
  • Smokers are addicted primarily by their enslaved mindset, not by nicotine.
  • There are 4 reasons why smokers fail to stop smoking or relapse after initial success, and identity is a big one.
  • Switching to e-cigarettes sounds like a good idea, but it's actually a trap designed by tobacco companies.

You'll get a full typed summary of these topics along with the full 80-minute video interview. More details on the next page.
Getting Out of Your Own Way is a transcript of a brief interview with hypnotist and author Todd Goodwin that explores the mind’s internal debate when setting health-related goals, such as quitting smoking and losing weight ("I know I should quit smoking, BUT...").

Why Unlearning is More Important Than Learning is a recorded and transcribed conversation between hypnotists Todd and Gina Goodwin about the real causes of most emotional and behavioral challenges and how you can resolve those issues. You'll discover why unlearning a problem can be more important than learning a solution.

The 7 Keys to Achieving Your Goals NOW is a concise, step-by-step guide to what you must do to achieve any goal, including quitting smoking. You may know steps 1-5, but steps 6 and 7 are often overlooked, causing needless frustration, disappointment, and struggle.
Learn the basics in the First Step to Freedom bundle:
Michelle Hageman
"I never thought I'd quit and it would be so easy! Hypnosis was my last hope.
I have no urges to smoke and
proud to say I’m a nonsmoker.
Todd you're amazing!"
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What past clients say...
Helena G.
"I am living proof that it works. I had a nasty cigarette habit [until] 7 years ago...I went to see Todd and after the first session I was free of it! I have never smoked again. Thank you Todd!"
The above comments were made by former smoking cessation clients of Todd Goodwin and are true and factual. Todd Goodwin does not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. These clients voluntarily offered their written feedback and were not compensated in any way. Each comment and/or testimonial is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should only be considered in that context.
David Kohn
"I tried absolutely everything to quit smoking but it was impossible for me. Todd, Thanks for helping me quit smoking and saving me for this ugly disgusting deadly habit."
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